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Fridge Burner with blocked jet. The gas was forced out of the small hole which is the air mix tube and the spark ignitor lit it. This kind of ignition is rare and you can't see this from the observation window on the fridge.However, the black sooting around the vents outside indicated the problem. This customer was lucky and turned the gas off immediately. Get your caravan serviced regularly.

Common DIY cooker fitting on a boat. This is illegal. The high pressure hose is only allowed to attach the bottle from the regulator to the inlet pipe at the gas locker to a maximum of 1 meter An armoured flexi hose with the correct fitting to attach it to the pipe at the back of the cooker inlet is needed not Jubilee clips.

Get your LPG Boat installation checked and don't do it yourself.

New LPG pipework on a traditional boat. The inlet pipe is on the left it feeds to a centre isolation tap before terminating at the rear onto an armoured-flexi hose.

This is a Truma Ultrastore B10 water heater removed from a motorhome. This has a grey cardboard surround with a plastic lid. What you see here is the main metal burner unit that heats a metal kettle that sits inside this unit resting on the metal plates that surround the burner. The burner had a small blockage in it that unchecked got worse and worse. Black soot deposits formed on the underneath of the kettle and dropped back down onto the burner to contaminate it more and more. This will cycle like this until the burner becomes so blocked that it will not light. A strong burnt acrid smell comes from this and causes Carbon Monoxide.


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