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Static Caravan Bathroom Repairs

Are you in need of repairs or upgrades to your static caravan or mobile home bathroom? I specialize in repairing and upgrading bathrooms that have become worn or damaged due to use or age. One of the most common issues I encounter is cracked shower trays. Most bathrooms are built using the older style of bathroom walls, these are plastic boxes sealed around the wall with a shower tray insert. Because the walls sit on the shower tray it is very difficult to effect a reasonable repair that looks good.

Damage to bathrooms due to water ingress or cracked shower trays from letting can be claimed on the insurance.

The bathroom examples I use bathroom wall panels creating new walls and floors with new upgraded shower taps and enclosures. These can be from around £2000 to £5000 depending on the size and damage and repair required.

Contact me for more information, advice and to book a visit.

Caravan Shower Floor Damage
Caravan Shower Boards
Caravan Shower Floor damage
Caravan Shower Boards Fitted
Caravan Shower Completed

This holiday caravan had a cracked shower tray that over a summer use damaged the floor and  it collapsed. A new floor was installed, together with new shower walls and marble effect boards. A quadrant shower with a rain shower mixer and new vinyl floor to match the original. A 18 day repair due to the floor beams and vinyl fitting.

Caravan Shower Floor Damage
Caravan Rain shower and Soaker Installed
Caravan Complete Shower Installed
Shower Pipe Access Panel
Caravan Pipe Access Door
Caravan Shower New Ceiling
Caravan Shower Panal
Caravan Rain Shower and Soaker
Caravan Shower Boards and tray test
Caravan Complete Shower Fitted

This holiday caravan had a cracked shower tray. This one was caught in time and didn't need the floor replacing. It was slightly more complicated due to the enclosure and added pipe access hatch. A new rain shower and soaker installed with just a front shower enclosure. The shelf is stainless steel fitted with marine grade stainless screws so no rust.

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