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Solar Equipment 12v Off Grid

Today's rapidly changing market for off-grid installations has created manufacturers to come up with innovative equipment. In recent years it has been difficult to create enough power to heat hot water. However, two products that have the ability to heat hot water using 12v and solar have been created.

The first is a Fothermo 10-litre water heater boiler. It is an extremely simple installation. The tank is 280mm x 280mm x 440mm in size, very compact. It is wired to the leisure battery that is being charged by the solar panel or directly to a solar panel. approximately 580watts of power is needed to heat the water to 65 degrees. Once the heater has reached temperature it only takes power when needed. So if the solar panel has fully charged the leisure battery the panel is still producing a charge on a sunny day the excess is sent to the boiler to keep it hot and not wasting any energy produced.

The second water heater is a Pundmann heater. This has a 200w 12volt heating element and a 230v mains 500w heating element.

Warm air heating there are only two types currently the LPG/Mains heaters like the Truma Combi boilers or Propex blown air or the diesel heaters. If you use a diesel heater you can install under floor heating.

Available equipment and information

This company provides LPG equipment, tanks, spares, as well as off grid.


Fothermo  10 litre water heater.
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